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Sep 25, 2011

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to contact me to ask for the next instalment. It’s nice to know that my silence has not gone unnoticed (although the comment that I’ve been “letting you down” may have been a touch harsh, Rebekah.) Here’s what’s been going on:

In late July I went to Vancouver for the Outgames. You can read my story about transgender athletes on Matador Sports. At right around the same time I wrote what turned out to be a rather contentious article called “Sex, salaries, and soccer: The significance of Hope Solo,” about gender-based pay equity in the sport. I’m still not quite done with the topic. Watch this space for more.

After the games I travelled into the Kootenays to spend time with my family there. Shortly after I arrived, my laptop imploded and my vacation plans changed from R & R to data recovery. D’oh.

At the end of August I flew to Toronto via Calgary (Overheard at the YCG airport: “Do you want to drop your bags off at my place, or should we go straight to the mall?”) where I transferred my lease over to the fellow who’s been subletting my place. I also sold all of my belongings which involved meeting a lot of unapologetic weirdos on Craigslist. I’m remembering you, sir, who bought “medium-sized plant in blue pot”.

I learned something: getting rid of things is as addictive as obtaining things. After three weeks of offloading my stuff, I found myself becoming a sort of anti-hoarder. Did I really need this second pair of shoes, I wondered.

My new backpack holds 46 litres. It’s designed to be carry-on eligible, which is a blessing (speed, security, expense) and a curse (no more travelling with tweezers). I expect that this stripped-down state of affairs will inspire more writing. So far, it’s a very odd feeling, like you’re camping out in the world.

I’ve also been working on a new web strategy. Those of you who like to read my travel stuff are generally uninterested in what I write about soccer, and the soccer people don’t necessarily care to hear the tale of me getting my Birkenstocks fixed. After considerable thought it became clear that I needed to divorce the travel writing from the rest. I’m excited to introduce  Head on over there and subscribe to get automatic updates on new tasty travel stories. Also check out this fresh content, published today.

Finally, you can expect some design and content changes coming up here at Stick around.

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