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Nov 22, 2011
Via IOL News

Via IOL News

The 32 women of Tsogang Basadi (rise up women) FC need sponsors or donations to get their winter track suits and equipment as they prepare for an upcoming 16 Days of Activism football match.

Tsogang Basadi FC is a football club based in Tembisa, just east of Johannesburg in South Africa. Started by local coach Kenneth Sithagu in July 2010, the club’s main purpose is to promote physical activity and health among the region’s women. Open to women who are over 40, the league’s oldest player is 75 years old.

“I no longer sleep the entire day. I don’t worry about my blood pressure any more. I’m much more flexible. I walk long distances. I enjoy being alive,” said player Emily Moeti, 72. “I now live for my children and grandchildren.”

Tsogang Basadi FC is currently preparing to take part in a football match as part of South Africa’s 16 Days of Activism Campaign on No Violence Against Women and Children, an annual and international program that takes place every year between November 25 and December 10. The 2011 theme is “From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World: Proliferation of small arms and their role in domestic violence.” Learn more here.

As reported by IOL News in South Africa, the women of Tsogang Basadi FC are seeking sponsorship to help them get game balls, boots and proper kit.

Interested parties are invited to contact coach Kenneth Sithagu at 078 656 8583.

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