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Sep 5, 2012

Hooooo boy, it’s been a long time since I engaged in some football-related do-goodery. Too long.

The Atin Afrika Foundation* is an orphanage that serves street kids in Uganda — a large, and largely ignored, problem after 23 years of armed conflict. The picture on this page was taken there, which prompted me to reach out to ask about their football program. (Yes, this is how I spend my time. Also, my friend Chelsea Peters co-founded the place so it’s not that weird.)

Atin was able to get a donation of 100 brand new soccer balls from the American Soccer Federation but their transport fell through and the balls are grounded in Ohio.

So, what do you say? Wanna get your do-good on?  We already have some experience with this kind of thing. Remember the Mdantsane Village Kit Drive? This time we don’t even need to gather the equipment.

What we DO need is transportation and/or a traveler(s) to get the balls from Cincinnati to Lira. I’m calling out to:

• My flight attendant friends. Can anyone donate cargo space?
• Friends who run businesses that might be able to sponsor this.
Travelers who are going to Uganda.
Footballers/leagues who might be able to act as a network to get these things where they’re going.

If you want to help please leave a message in the comments or contact me directly through this site. 

Anybody else who wants to kick in a donation towards this or other Atin activities should go straight to their page. They have a donation button and they’re not sketchy. As of May of this year, in fact, they are a registered CBO in Uganda.

We want to resettle the children with a soccer ball. These kids need to have a means to reintegrate into their communities and football is an amazing facilitator.
– Chelsea Peters

*Atin is not a religious organization. Here are their objectives:

• Raise a generation that will significantly contribute to its society
• Provide equal opportunities to the disadvantaged to access formal and informal education
• Offer the children counseling and guidance while teaching them life-long personal growth skills
• Ensure that orphans and other vulnerable children rightfully reach their potential and fulfill their aspirations
This afternoon this crossed my desk and I know that with the help of the international soccer/football community we can make this happen. We did it in 2009 for the squads in Mdantsane Village, South Africa, and this time we don’t even have to collect the equipment.

Find out more on their site, and definitely follow them on their Facebook page.

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  1. Hi – just letting you know we’ve shared on our site, FB and Twitter. Good luck. If we hear anything we’ll report back. Flying Bats Women’s Football Club, Sydney Australia

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  4. Laurie Murphy says:

    HI – I stumbled across your post as I was looking for ways to get soccer ball donations that my kids and I can bring in our luggage on a trip to Uganda this February. We are going to visit and work at a school / community in Jinja which supports kids orphaned by AIDS and HIV. Any chance I could pay for shipping a bunch of the balls to me in upstate NY and we can pack in our extra suitcases? Or have you been able to find transport for them? Thanks! Laurie Murphy

  5. Josephat Kirutu says:

    Dearest in the Lord
    As the director of Watoto Wa Africa Orphanage, I am writing to ask your consideration to support our orphanage in any way you can, financially, or through needed materials to help us provide in a more appropriate way for the 108 children at our orphanage.
    Watoto Wa Africa Orphanage has been in operation since 2000. We presently house and feed and educate 108 homeless children, aged 1-17. These children come from the streets, from abusive home situation and have also been sent to us when their parents are deceased. We welcome the child in need and provide for them as best we can.
    Unfortunately, our resources are limited. We are not able to pay school fees for all of our students to attend primary or secondary school full-time. We are unable to provide porridge for our students at breakfast. We desire to serve more nutritional foods, more often, to our children. We need to build more dormitory space and wish to provide periodic health maintenance and care to the children and adults at Watoto.
    To that end, we have recently been able to install the machinery required to mill maize and cassava and hope to sell it to the community and use those funds to improve our dormitories, bathrooms and classrooms. We desperately need your assistance at this time and ask you to consider visiting our orphanage and to support us financially. We also need footballs, cones, football wear, soccer playing boots, goal nets etc for we also play soccer enjoining the children from all the villages neighbouring the orphanage. To carry forward our ambitious projects we request to help us financially, and with the soccer equipments we have mentioned above.

    I am available to meet to discuss this with you further, and thank you for your kind consideration.
    We are found in Tanzania, a town called Mwanza.
    P.O. Box 11349, Mwanza,Tanzania.

    • kephsenett says:

      Dear Josephat,

      Thanks for your message. I’m not in any position to support your orphanage directly, but I invite any readers who are so inclined to reach out and contact you directly. Best, K-

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