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A man visits the public writer to have a message written, Oaxaca, Mexico, June 2014 © Keph Senett

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I've long been convinced that an ordered list of publications is not the best way to present a publication history. This page is an experiment in changing that format.

Below, you'll see the excerpts from a small collection of featured projects. These aren't ordered by date or by publication, but are selected because they are projects of which I am proud, and they demonstrate the areas of my interest and expertise. 

If you are looking for a specific publication, my clippings can be found at the bottom of the page. Click the outlet title to expand the sections.

For my non-writing work history (for example, sports and human rights advocacy, and corporate communications), please visit my LinkedIn page

 Featured Projects

I weighed in on the Dutee Chand case in an Op-Ed for AlJazeera America.

  Mexico City is one of my favourite places in the world, and I was so excited to place a travel feature with America's best-selling lesbian magazine, Curve. Writing this one felt like telling my best friend about an incredible vacation, and the research wasn't a chore either. Read more.


Directly before the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, I wrote a feature story that ran on Sports Illustrated. The result of research and interviews with past professional players, the piece looked at the reality for female footballers in the "country of football." It was written for the Far Post series, a partnership between Sports Illustrated and Roads & Kingdoms. Read it online.


Although this was just a simple news piece, I had the good fortune to receive positive feedback from MacKinnon after it was published. It's always a trick to try and capture the spirit of your interview subjects, and I was pleased that he felt I had. Read more.


My essay, "Requiem," was included in A Family By Any Other Name, an anthology about queer relationships. Released in 2014 by TouchWood Editions, this book was well-received by audiences and critics but the blessing of my mother meant the most. This essay is about her. Read more.


Written for Pride Life Magazine, this travel feature details how to seek out LGBT life in the Russian capital. A challenging piece to write, and an important one. Read it here

List by publication

Outlets are ordered in descending order by date published, more or less.

Pride Life Magazine

Pride Life is a glossy gay and lesbian lifestyle magazine from London, U.K.

Following the Inca Trail (2015)
Going for Gay Gold (2014)
Kicked Out of Play (2014)
Pride by the Sea (2014)
Mastering Moscow (2014)
Cleveland Cool (2014)
Marching in Mexico (2013)
Rocky Mountain High (2013)
Football for Everyone (2013)


Contributoria is an "independent journalism network," a platform that enables journalists and writers to collaborate on all aspects of the writing process, including commissioning, editing and publication.

They’d say: “Football is a man’s sport. You’re going to hurt yourself.” (2015)
From the campo to the Copa: Mexico's female footballers sidelined (2014)
The surveillance state in Russia (2014)

Sports Illustrated

Fighting for the women's game (2014)
Produced for the Far Post series, a partnership between Sports Illustrated and Roads & Kingdoms.

Diosas Olímpicas

Diosas Olímpicas is a Mexican site that covers women's sports. The editor translated my piece on Mexican female footballers, originally published on Contributoria, into Spanish and published it for a Mexican audience.

Del campo a la Copa: Futbolistas de Mexico Orilladas (2014)

ANTHOLOGY: A Family By Any Other Name

My story, "Requiem," was included in this 2014 anthology about queer families, published by TouchWood Editions.

A Family By Any Other Name (2014)

Roads & Kingdoms

Moscow's Other Games (2014)
In Brazil, Fighting for the Women's Game (2014)
Produced for the Far Post series, a partnership between Sports Illustrated and Roads & Kingdoms.

The New Civil Rights Movement

The New Civil Rights Movement is a GLAAD award-winning site featuring LGBT news and politics from the United States and internationally.

1QE4ME: The Future of International LGBT Sports? (2014)
Megan Rapinoe One Of 18 New Players To Join Athlete Ally In Fight Against Homophobia (2013)
How To Survive A Plague’ Filmmaker Joins Uganda Activists For New Project (2013)
Football v. Homophobia Calls On South Africa To Recognize Homophobic Rape As A Hate Crime (2013)
How Super Bowl XLVII Turned Into A Contest Over Gay Rights (2013)
Teen Footballer And LGBT Activist Stabbed To Death For Being Lesbian (2012)
You’ve Probably Never Even Heard Of The Homeless World Cup — Here’s Why You Should (2012)
Are The Sports World's Anti-Homophobia Campaigns Eradicating Homophobia In Sports? (2012)
8 Days Left to Make A 10-Year Project A Reality (2012)
Out and Proud Olympians Add Gold Medal as the US Beats Japan in Soccer (2012)
2012 Olympics: Who Are The LGBT Athletes? Day Eighteen--Hope Powell (2012)
2012 Olympics: Who Are The LGBT Athletes? Day Thirteen--Hedvig Lindahl (2012)
2012 Olympics: Who Are The LGBT Athletes? Day Four--Jessica Landström (2012)
2012 Olympics: Who Are The LGBT Athletes? Day Two--Megan Rapinoe (2012)
Transgender Soccer Player Leads American Samoa Team to First-Ever Win (2011)
Pro soccer player David Testo: 'I'm gay. It's just part of who I am.' (2011)
FIFA: Activists to Converge in Frankfurt on 'Day Against Discrimination' (2011)
LGBT Sports: Women's Football Deserves Better (2011)
Will the UN's Historic LGBT Human Rights Resolution Reduce 'Corrective' Rape? (2011)
Where Are All The Gay Professional Players?(2011)

Diva Magazine

Diva Magazine is a leading lesbian glossy from the U.K.

Pink and Proud in Puerto Vallarta (2014)

Outside Online

Best Places to Party on Spring Break (2014)
My piece on Puerto Vallarta, from the anthology, "101 places to get f*cked up before you die (St. Martin's Press, 2014) was included.

ANTHOLOGY: 101 places to get f*cked up before you die

This collection was put together by the editors at Matador Network and published by St. Martin's Press.

Mexico City, Mexico
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

ANTHOLOGY: The Real Heroes of Mexico

This is a series created by THE MEXICO REPORT to highlight the community work of people living and working in Mexico.

Mayra Vazquez (2013)

Curve Magazine

Curve is the best-selling lesbian magazine in the United States.

Mexico City Magic (2013)
Pride on the Field: Ending Homophobic Violence in Sports (2013)

Bitch Magazine

"A feminist response to pop culture."

Suit Up: The Boom in Butch Fashion (2013)

Spa Professional Magazine

Red Card Homophobia

Red Card Homophobia is a blog dealing with the issue of homophobia in soccer/football.

Take Your Place in the Beautiful Game: Second Annual Football v Homophobia Initiative (2011)
The Ultimate Equal Ground (2010)

CONTEST: Leap Local Travel Writing Contest

My piece about caving in Croatia was selected as a runner-up in the 2011 Leap Local Travel Writing Contest.

Dirty Shoes (2011)


My piece on homophobic rape, gender, and football was the cover story for this Austrian feminist magazine.

Gender, Fußball, und die Gewalt (2011)

ANTHOLOGY: The Bust DIY Guide to Life

LIV Magazine

LIV was a lifestyle magazine produced by Volvo Cars of Canada.

No OAR-dinary ocean cruise (2008)

BUST Magazine

A magazine "for women with something to get off their chest."

Squish, squash, kill that roach (2007)