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Keph is a very a talented travel writer who is committed to bringing unique details of each place she travels to, backed with an extensive research and planning. I look forward to continue working with Keph in the future and I would highly recommend her.”
Cristina Alvaradejo, PR and Communications Consultant | Mexico Tourism Board

“After a successful FAM Tour weekend, Keph not only produced an article that beautifully encompassed the authentic essence of Muskoka, she was genuinely interested in our northern destination and the locals who call it home. Keph was an absolute pleasure to work with and I would have her come back for every tour I host in the future.”
Jennifer Clute, Tourism and Marketing Coordinator | Muskoka Lakes Chamber of Commerce

“Keph is a travel writer who quite simply ‘gets it.’ She has been a pleasure to work with throughout the planning, hosting and follow-up process. And, it’s evident by the content she produced that she not only absorbed the tips and information we provided, but she did extensive research on her own and really got to know the city resulting in some fantastic coverage.”
April Ingle, Communications Coordinator | Positively Cleveland

“Just met Keph Senett. Just as funny and inappropriate in person. Awesome.”
Jeff Bartlett, Media and PR Specialist | Tourism Jasper

“When Keph Senett writes, readers travel. Regardless of the subject matter. As a PR professional in the travel industry, I read—and write—stories on a regular basis. After a while, too many sound the same. This is where Keph differs. Her talent for observation and description surprises and beguiles. Her work stirs emotion and she clearly and concisely paints pictures. I find her style to be fresh and human and would recommend her without hesitation to anyone seeking authentic, interesting writing.”
Sylvie Laitre, Managing Partner | Mexico Boutique Hotels

This is a terrific piece. I read LOTS of travel writing, and yours is first-rate. You captured the magnitude of your conquest as well as the humour involved, and included just the right amount of relevant information for travellers. Can’t beat that!”
Heather MacDonald-Bossé, Travel Media Representative | Représentante, médias de voyages, Tourism and Parks | Tourisme et Parcs, Tourism New Brunswick

“Keph Senett’s new travel lit site [A Bus Called Forward ]-love it! She is certainly a writer to watch.”
Heather Parsons, Publishers Representative | Michael Reynolds & Associates

“I really like the feel and flavor of your writing. You take the reader down a path that’s educational and respectful.”
David Badash, Editor, The New Civil Rights Movement

“[Your] article on SETAC caught my attention, and after reading it, I am motivated to volunteer/donate to such a great organization. I don’t investigate things much, and journalists can really influence me on the merits of an organization. Congrats on a great article – as the local circulation will help this organization continue doing their great work.”
Chris Bradshaw, Reader

“Looking at A Bus Called Forward. Travel blogs as well written as yours are rare.”
Iain ManleyOld World Wandering: A Travelogue (via Twitter)

“I couldn’t be more impressed by both the range and obscurity of the titles you cite [in post '4 classic travel books about outer space']. I also marvel at your ability to adapt complex and layered storytelling to the constraints of space and complexity required of this medium. An utterly delightful read.”
Michael Lennick, Foolish Earthling Productions

“['I'm a Footballer. And I'm Gay' is] a superb piece on a professional footballer coming out as homosexual… This superb blog by Keph Senett on In Bed With Maradona covers the story brilliantly.”
Simon Head, Mirror Football

“Brilliant. Your Spanish may be a work in progress, but your English is pretty good. Your comment about Wal-Mart made me laugh so hard I almost choked on a cracker.”
Tamara George, Reader

“I haven’t followed anything this closely since the US primaries.”
Kristina Spring, Reader

“It is so refreshing to read a blog that has (a) content of interest to someone other that the author… and (b) is beautifully written with style, content, humour and …yes… syntax and solid sentence structure.”
Christopher Dew, Reader

“Hurrah! This is the one that I feel captures the essence of ‘local travel’. The writer has found a real character and has painted a picture. They have also resisted the temptation to steal the show themselves, yet they have still managed to inject a dose of their own personality/feelings. It captures a ‘special’ moment that could only be achieved with local knowledge. It also tackles the problems brought by mass tourism…It manages to be sinister, exciting, romantic and humourous, which is no mean feat.”
Vicky Baker, Columnist, Editor, Journalist -  The GuardianObserverTime OutBBC

“[Dirty Shoes] is polished, interesting, and even literary. She understands effective use of verbs… to move the action while suggesting theme and maintaining tone. I could go on regarding her skill. But it’s the cave itself that’s literary. It’s a symbol of her psyche and maybe those of all travelers as we discover new, mildly scary, even dangerous places: frightening, exhilarating, at once attracting and repulsing. Professional caliber.”
Gary Buslik, Award-winning American travel author, A Rotten Person Travels the Caribbean: A Grump in Paradise Discovers that Anyplace it’s Legal to Carry a Machete is Comedy Just Waiting to Happen (Travelers’ Tales), and English Literature professor at University of Illinois

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