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El sobreviviente

“Severe headache and eye symptoms” are listed as indicators in 66 diseases, including “Arctic Bearded Seal Poisoning”, according to the curiously-named (There’s a lesbian joke in there. I’ll let you find it.) Seven days of radio silence may have  [Read More]

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Banda flu

This morning started like many others except that today I was slated to take my first road trip away from Puerto Vallarta, to San Sebastian, a town a few hours north. Me and three amigas had arrived and were eating  [Read More]

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Las hormigas everywhere. As alarming and unexpected as an oil spill, the ants were on the countertops, under the sink, and ballooning across the floor. Unlike the brawny North American carpenter ant, these were tiny, quick and organized, a roiling  [Read More]

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