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Do-goodery update: LAFN donation module online

Fresh off the interwebs: The Loaves and Fishes Network web site is now donation-enabled for international donors through the use of their very own PayPal button.* This means that you can donate to this extremely worthy organization using your own  [Read More]

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LAFN ride-along

Mandindi is the embodiment of “Mama”: warm, open face; easy smile; patience. She is a trainer for the Loaves and Fishes Network, which means that she goes into the communities and trains the women who run the childcare centres in  [Read More]

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Meeting at LAFN

Dr. Trudy Thomas is warm, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. Instantly, I feel comfortable and energized about the work. We are joined by board member Brendan Connellan and within forty minutes we have established a two-phase plan for my time and effort.  [Read More]

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Intro to the Loaves and Fishes Network

I’ve finally been in to visit with the folks at the Loaves and Fishes Network, but getting there was not easy. I had been given the street address: 9A Dyer. Craig and I were out running errands in the BMW  [Read More]

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Eight days out

The intimidating list of to-dos is steadily being whittled down, leaving only the chores I am avoiding (meningitis shot), and the trivial things (update housesitting document with a paragraph about Mendoza’s frequent barfing). I leave in eight days. I spent  [Read More]

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Five weeks in South Africa

On September 14 I will be boarding a plane for – easily! – the longest flight I have ever taken. Twenty-nine hours later (including a full day of pubbing in London; looking forward to seeing you Roxy) I will land  [Read More]

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