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The Chosen Few

A year before my trip to Africa I went to the International Gay and Lesbian Football Association (IGLFA) World Championship in London, UK. It was here that I was drafted to the same team as Craig, who would later become  [Read More]

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Next stop, Africa

Thirty-five minutes later I arrive back at Heathrow. I find a clock and am startled to discover that I am expected at security forthwith. I hurry to the queue and when it is my turn, I step forward. The security  [Read More]

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When we arrive at Hammersmith it is raining but we easily find a serviceable pub and settle in for a repulsive bite to eat, a few outstanding pints, and a good jaw. At around one in the afternoon (local time  [Read More]

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Everybody say "U.K."

Everybody say "U.K."

I have never flown British Airways before and I must say that it was everything that I expected: cute accents, tea and biscuits, and a safety video as funny as Benny Hill. On BA they don’t make their stewards submit  [Read More]

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