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Artist's Statement

For many years, I used photography as a sort of journal, a way to record details that I'd use later in my writing. Inevitably, my skill improved and I began to use images as a secondary language, an auxiliary to the text I produced. I find myself now with a collection of photographs from an astonishing series of travels, but I wouldn't characterize myself as a travel photographer. Despite the pretentiousness of the term, I think social documentary photographer fits better. 

I want to talk about appropriation. Many of my travels take me into marginalized communities, some of which I am a member—like women and LGBT—and some I'm  not. I've travelled throughout Mexico, for example. I'm aware of the history and impact of the literal white lens and I make every effort to consider the implications and interpretations of the work I produce. I aim to celebrate and honor the  people and places I encounter. In some cases, I will give back a portion of my proceeds to the communities portrayed.

I've set up a store at RedBubble where my work will appear on a variety of products, including photographic prints. I invite you to visit my portfolio there, and follow @ForwardImages on Instagram.

*A note on the name of my store

When she was 28 years old and I was only 5, my mother and father separated. She bought a renovated 1950s school bus—a red and silver behemoth with wheels as tall as I—which she named Forward. Something about those months spent in motion as we drove across Canada got into my blood. I believe I became a traveller and a writer that summer.