Display at the Korean Queer Culture Festival

Presentation on homophobia in sport - Seoul, Korea 2017

I became acquainted with members of the Korean Sexual-Minority Culture and Rights Center when they attended the LGBT Sport Summit in 2015 in Toronto, Ontario and asked for mentorship around delivering a Pride House during the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Games. 

In 2017, the Seoul LGBTQ+ activist organization invited me to Korea to deliver a lecture on homophobia and sport, and more specifically, on how to build a culture-specific Pride House, to local activists and organizations. My presentation coincided with the Korean Queer Culture Festival (which is analogous to Pride) and was hosted by the Canadian Embassy in Seoul.

Over two hours, I led a discussion about homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia in sport, the history of Pride House, and strategies for creating a Pride House in your community. The audience was composed of local LGBTQ+ activists, those who work in sport, the media, and interested individuals. 

The lecture was well-received and generated stories in local outlets Oh My News and Hankookilbo