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Activism, Feminism, LGBT, & Gender

Nasty Women, Meet Gobby Women - Ms. Magazine blog
Suit Up: The Boom in Butch Fashion - Bitch Magazine
Language, identity and the power of the pronoun - Contributoria
The surveillance state in Russia - Contributoria
The Problem of Press Trips - Story Board
Comedian Susan Calman on the Importance of Being ‘Out”: BUST Interview - BUST Magazine blog
Gender, Fußball, und die Gewalt - Frauensolidarität (cover story)
What it’s like to travel when ‘M’ and ‘F’ don’t cut it - Matador Network
Bolivia To Grant Nature Equal Rights To Humans - Green Building Press
“Squish, squash, kill that roach” in The Bust DIY Guide to Life: Making Your Way Through Every Day - BUST Magazine
Will the UN’s Historic LGBT Human Rights Resolution Reduce ‘Corrective’ Rape? - The New Civil Rights Movement
A Rough Guide to the Language of Pride - Matador Network, and selected as one of Matador’s best of 2012
Canadian flight regulation bans transgender passengers - Matador Network
Puerto Vallarta’s Gay Community Centre - Xtra
Humans of New York fundraises for hurricane relief - Matador Network


A Surf Camp For The Gay Community Grows In Brazil - GOOD Magazine
Bend it Like Wambach - Roads & Kingdoms
Sex hormone testing sets back female athletes - Al Jazeera America
In Brazil, Fighting for the Women’s Game - Sports Illustrated Online and Roads & Kingdoms
Homeless soccer stars get an LGBT-friendly refuge - Xtra
Nazis, Thieves, and a Dog Named Pickles: The Unsolved Mystery of the First World Cup - VICE Sports
They’d say: “Football is a man’s sport. You’re going to hurt yourself.” - Contributoria, and translation into Portuguese and publication on Puntero Izquierda (Eles dizem: “Futebol não é para mulheres. Vocês podem se machucar”)
From the campo to the Copa: Mexico’s female footballers sidelined - Contributoria, and translation into Spanish and publication on Diosas Olimpicas (Del campo a la Copa: Futbolistas de Mexico Orilladas)
The Brazilian soccer stars that aren’t being celebrated this summer - GOOD Magazine
Outperforming! - PrideLife UK
Pride on the Field: Ending Homophobic Violence in Sports - Curve Magazine
Moscow’s Other Games - Roads & Kingdoms
Game Changers conference celebrates diversity in sport - Xtra
Canadians make a strong showing at Gay Games 9 - Xtra
Trans man MacKinnon lifts his way to victory - Xtra
Seven queer multisport gatherings in 2014 - Xtra
Gay Games 9 set to open Aug 9 in Cleveland - Xtra
Tackling homophobia in sport - Xtra
Queer soccer leagues work with City to improve public pitch - Xtra
Going for Gay Gold - PrideLife UK
Kicked Out of Play - PrideLife UK
Homophobia and professional sports - Xtra
Football for Everyone - PrideLife UK
1QE4ME: The Future of International LGBT Sports? - The New Civil Rights Movement
‘Lesbian panic’ in women’s soccer - Outsports
Remembering gay sports pioneer, the late Justin Fashanu, on his 50th birthday - Outsports
Megan Rapinoe One Of 18 New Players To Join Athlete Ally In Fight Against Homophobia - The New Civil Rights Movement
Football v. Homophobia Calls On South Africa To Recognize Homophobic Rape As A Hate Crime - The New Civil Rights Movement
5 International LGBT Sporting Events in 2013 - Travel + Escape
U.S. women’s national team tops Canada before sold-out crowd - Team Fenom
‘The Rematch’: Team Canada vs. Team USA - Team Fenom
Fenom Feature: MMA fighter Fallon Fox - Team Fenom
Sports advocacy group urges South African government to classify homophobic rape as a hate crime - Team Fenom
How Super Bowl XLVII Turned Into A Contest Over Gay Rights - The New Civil Rights Movement
Teen Footballer And LGBT Activist Stabbed To Death For Being Lesbian - The New Civil Rights Movement
You’ve Probably Never Even Heard Of The Homeless World Cup — Here’s Why You Should - The New Civil Rights Movement
Are The Sports World’s Anti-Homophobia Campaigns Eradicating Homophobia In Sports? - The New Civil Rights Movement
8 Days Left to Make A 10-Year Project A Reality - The New Civil Rights Movement
Out and Proud Olympians Add Gold Medal as the US Beats Japan in Soccer - The New Civil Rights Movement
2012 Olympics: Who Are The LGBT Athletes? Day Eighteen–Hope Powell - The New Civil Rights Movement
2012 Olympics: Who Are The LGBT Athletes? Day Thirteen–Hedvig Lindahl - The New Civil Rights Movement
2012 Olympics: Who Are The LGBT Athletes? Day Four–Jessica Landström - The New Civil Rights Movement
2012 Olympics: Who Are The LGBT Athletes? Day Two–Megan Rapinoe - The New Civil Rights Movement
Transgender Soccer Player Leads American Samoa Team to First-Ever Win - The New Civil Rights Movement
Where do transgender athletes fit into sports? - Matador Network
Pro soccer player David Testo: ‘I’m gay. It’s just part of who I am.’ - The New Civil Rights Movement
Sex, salaries, and soccer: The significance of Hope Solo - Matador Network, and also featured as a BlogHer Spotlight piece
FIFA: Activists to Converge in Frankfurt on ‘Day Against Discrimination’ - The New Civil Rights Movement
LGBT Sports: Women’s Football Deserves Better - The New Civil Rights Movement
Female athletes in Vancouver’s Outgames - Matador Network
Where Are All The Gay Professional Players? - The New Civil Rights Movement
Women’s Football Deserves Better - In Bed With Maradona
Vlatko Markovic and the Recipe for a Revolution - In Bed With Maradona
I’m a footballer. And I’m Gay. - In Bed With Maradona
Football Against ‘Corrective’ Rape - In Bed With Maradona
Take Your Place in the Beautiful Game: Second Annual Football v Homophobia Initiative - Red Card Homophobia
The Ultimate Equal Ground - Red Card Homophobia

Narrative Non-Fiction

My story, “Requiem,” was included in this 2014 IPPY Award-winning anthology, A Family By Any Other Name, by TouchWood Editions
A Bed of Fists: On Playing Soccer in Moscow - Catapult. Also appeared in the 2015 Travelers' Tales anthology, Wake Up and Smell the Sh*t
After a Valentine’s weekend of fake coupledom, I was ready to be single again - The Globe & Mail
At Least One Rainy Season - Proximity Magazine
Dirty Shoes - Placed as a runner-up in the 2011 Leap Local Travel Writing Contest

Marketing & Technical Writing

Can Passion and Purpose Mix? - The Coaching Connector
All in the Family - The Coaching Connector
Coach Spotlight: Relationship Coach Jill Jerabek - The Coaching Connector
How Business Coaches Can Polish Rusty Skills - The Coaching Connector
Keep That Engine Running - The Coaching Connector
Stop Thinking About Tomorrow - The Coaching Connector
Emotional Intelligence: Why It’s Good Business Practice - The Coaching Connector
How to Stay Fit and Active in Toronto Without Going to the Gym - MasterCard Priceless Cities/Love This City
Discover French Food in Toronto - MasterCard Priceless Cities/Love This City
PrideHouse TO 2015 Final Legacy Report - PrideHouseTO
Teaching kids how win on the field and in life - YorkU Alumni Matters Magazine
York grad first woman to ride in Dubai World Cup - YorkU Alumni Matters Magazine
Chantal Hébert talks social media, journalism, and going with the flow - YorkU Alumni Matters Magazine
No OAR-dinary ocean cruise - LIV Magazine, the lifestyle publication for Volvo Cars
Additionally, I've ghostwritten white papers, blogs, and case studies for clients in the real estate, interior design and decoration, medical, and industrial sectors.

Travel & Tourism


To Markt, To Markt, To Buy a Fat Pig in Vienna - Eat Drink Travel
Quietly Queering Vienna - Xtra


Floripa is for Foodies - Eat Drink Travel
Rio de Janeiro Welcomes All Tribes - Curve Magazine and LOTL Magazine
Catch a Wave at Gay Surf Camp in Southern Brazil - Curve Magazine and LOTL Magazine


New Brunswick: Don’t Miss Canada's 'Drive-by' Province - World Nomads
Of Fairy Kings and Blewits - Harrowsmith
Best Places for Indoor Sports in Toronto -
Best Late Night Eats in Toronto -
Best Boutique Hotels in Toronto -
Hauntings and Hot Springs in British Columbia’s Valley of the Ghosts - Eat Drink Travel
Having a Festive Breakdown? Book a Christmas Getaway at the Storied Hughson Hall in Stratford, Ontario - Eat Drink Travel
Meet the New Crop of Makers in Stratford, Ontario - Eat Drink Travel
Jasper, Alberta, Best stargazing spot in the world - Travel + Escape
Edmonton’s best exhibits: From indigenous to IMAX - Travel + Escape
Jasper, Alberta – Small Town for the Queer Visitor - Purple Roofs
The Secret Life of Prince Edward County in the Off-Season - Eat Drink Travel
New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy by Bus, Boat, and Bike - Eat Drink Travel
Ontario’s Gay Outdoors - GLC Magazine
A Foodie’s Tour of Fundy in New Brunswick - Eat Drink Travel
Dakhká Khwáan Dancers Kick Off Opening Night Showcase for Pan Am Games - Eat Drink Travel
Edmonton’s Top Summer Festivals - Travel + Escape
How to Detox on the Alberta Yellowhead - Travel + Escape
Tidal bore on the Peticodiac River, New Brunswick - Matador Network
Get your eat on in New Brunswick - Matador Network
Guide to New Brunswick wineries - Matador Network
Road tripping the Acadian Coastal Drive in New Brunswick - Matador Network
How to eat a lobster in New Brunswick, Canada - Matador Network
Riding the Acadian Coastal Drive - Travel + Escape
Exploring Southwest Ontario’s Barn Quilt Trails - Travel + Escape
3 LGBT-Friendly Areas in Toronto Outside ‘The Gaybourhood’ (2013)
5 Maple Syrup Festivals in Ontario (2013)
New Experiences in Old Montreal - Eat Drink Travel
Gananoque’s 1000 Islands: More Than a Salad Dressing - Eat Drink Travel
Rocky Mountain High - PrideLife UK
MONTREAL EN LUMIÈRE: Not Your Ordinary Winter Festival - Eat Drink Travel
A Winter Festival with Gastronomic Genius: MONTRÉAL EN LUMIERE - Eat Drink Travel
Muskoka Lakes in winter - Xtra
Bears, betrothals and pure Alberta beef in the Canadian Rockies - Xtra
Coming out ‘naturally at Jasper Pride - Xtra


Mexico City Magic - Curve Magazine
Marching in Mexico - PrideLife UK
The newest evolution of Puerto Vallarta Pride - Xtra
Pink and Proud in Puerto Vallarta - Diva Magazine
Plan your pilgrimage to Mexico City for Pride celebrations- Xtra
Pride by the Sea - Pridelife UK
Taquerías and Beyond in Mexico City’s Colonia Roma - Travel + Escape
Cuisine and Culture in Mexico City with Sabores Mexico Food Tours - Eat Drink Travel
Tacos 201: Tacos for adventurous eaters - Travel + Escape
Tacos 101: 5 Choices for Picky Eaters - Travel + Escape
Best Places to Party on Spring Break - Outside Online included an excerpt from my submissions to the 2014 anthology, “101 Places to Get F*cked Up Before You Die by St. Martin’s Press.
FEATURE: Puerto Vallarta - Xtra
Mexico City 101 - Xtra
Mayra Vazquez - My submission for the 2013 edition of the The Real Heroes of Mexico, created by THE MEXICO REPORT to highlight the community work of people living and working in Mexico
Day Trip Guide: Banderas Bay, Mexico - Mexi-Go
How to get to Yelapa (and why you’d want to) - Travel + Escape


Following the Inca Trail - PrideLife UK


Moscow’s Most Grand and Historic Metro Stations - Eat Drink Travel
Mastering Moscow - PrideLife UK


5 weeks in Turkey [PICS] - Matador Network
How to: Survive your tour group - Matador Network
In Turkey I Became a Traveling Dervish - Matador Network
Ballooning over Cappadocia, Turkey - Matador Network

United Kingdom

Take the High Road and the Low Road with Rabbie’s Tours in Scotland  - Eat Drink Travel
FEATURE: Limerick - Xtra
LGBT Traveller’s Guide to Manchester - Travel + Escape

United States

Cleveland Cool - PrideLife UK
20 Reasons Cleveland Does, In Fact, Rock - Viator
From Ontario to Ohio: How to Take Your Own ‘A Christmas Story’ Tour - Travel + Escape
An Insider’s Guide to LGBT Travel in the U.S. - Visit the U.S.A.
Soak Up the Sun at These LGBT-Friendly Beach Towns - Visit the U.S.A.
How to cross the US-Canada border with the least hassle - Matador Network

General Travel

40 Essential Travel Items That Will Prepare You For Any Trip - Business Insider
Carnival for LGBT Revellers (and their friends) - Travel + Escape
5 International LGBT Sporting Events in 2014 - Travel + Escape
7 LGBT Film Festivals to Help You Celebrate Oscar Month - Travel + Escape
Off-Season LGBT Pride Events - Travel + Escape
From tobacco to tchat: What people chew around the world - Matador Network
10 places to swim with whale sharks [PICs] - Matador Network
10 places you can buy your dream property for under $130k - Matador Network
What’s in your backpack, Keph Senett, Traveler-in-residence? - Matador Network
4 classic travel books about outer space - Matador Network
8 Exotic, Luxurious, and Otherwise Otherworldly Spas - 10 Best
7 Best Places for Storm Chasing - 10 Best
8 Incredible Displays of Stained Glass - 10 Best
8 Deadliest Islands - 10 Best
10 Insanely Scary Bridges - 10 Best
All Locked Up: 9 Great Walled Cities - 10 Best
9 Subterranean Wonderlands - 10 Best
12 Best Places Viewed From Above - 10 Best
Ohtli Spa, CasaMagna Marriott, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Spa Professional Magazine
Tatewari Spa, Villa La Estancia, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Spa Professional Magazine