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From editors

Since 2012, I’ve counted on Keph for writing and editing of content marketing assets like emails, blogs and thought leadership publications. No matter how challenging the subject matter, she always nails it. You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who’s as thorough, thoughtful and fast—every single time—as Keph.
— Liz Teodorini | Hop Skip Marketing
One of the qualities I appreciate most about Keph’s work is its profound curiosity and respect for subjects–both people and places. Whereas other writers tend to treat people and places as characters, Keph treats them as what they are: real people with stories to be sought out and shared, not people whose stories should be assumed.
— Julie Schwietert Collazo, Writer and Editor | Reader
Keph is a writing wizard who makes my life easier! She always produces clean copy and captivating content for Eat Drink Travel, often with record speed. Even better, she is a wonderful person and writer who is easy to work with and knows how to get the job done right.
— Lisa Jackson, Editor in Chief | Eat Drink Travel Magazine
Keph Senett is a masterful storyteller who delivers perfectly polished copy. An editor’s dream.
— Bruce Gillespie, Editor | A family by any other name
From sports to human rights issues, Keph Senett’s passion for her subject matter jumps off the page. She crafts thought-provoking articles that stimulate dialogue. Additionally, Senett is a change agent advocating for equality. Well-travelled, cultured and thorough in research, Senett pens expertise.
— Antonia Newman, Founder | Team Fenom
Keph started writing B2C articles for The Coaching Connector just a few weeks ago but in short order, she is already my favorite writer among many. Her stories are on point — well-researched and thorough and address the specifications outlined. Equally important, she is available for follow-up and requires very little hand-holding.
— Poornima Apte, Editor In Chief | The Coaching Connector
I had the pleasure of working with Keph Senett on a large travel guides project, in which I hired her as a combined copy editor, proofreader, and fact-checker. She was easy to work with — communicative, thorough, and efficient — and her edits showed excellent judgement and a deft touch with words. I can offer no higher praise than an email I sent her after she had dealt with a particularly challenging guide that required extensive rewriting, which simply read: “You’re an alchemist — thank you!” I would certainly hire Keph again, and I am happy to recommend her for editorial work.
— Nick Rowlands, Guides Editor | AFAR Media
Hurrah! This [story] captures the essence of ‘local travel’. The writer has found a real character and has painted a picture. They have also resisted the temptation to steal the show themselves, yet they have still managed to inject a dose of their own personality/feelings. It captures a ‘special’ moment that could only be achieved with local knowledge. It also tackles the problems brought by mass tourism…It manages to be sinister, exciting, romantic and humourous, which is no mean feat.
— Vicky Baker, Columnist, Editor, Journalist at The Guardian, Observer, Time Out, BBC | Reader
The interviews, the way you took me to the place with just a few words, almost made me cry… I remember those days when I used to be a player, a part of a team.
— Olga Trujillo, Editor | Diosas Olímpicas
Travel blogs as well written as yours are rare.
— Iain Manley | Old World Wandering: A Travelogue
‘I’m a Footballer. And I’m Gay’ is a superb piece on a professional footballer coming out as homosexual… This superb blog by Keph Senett on In Bed With Maradona covers the story brilliantly.
— Simon Head of Mirror Football | Reader
I was very lucky to have Keph as one of my contributing writers while I was at Travel+Escape. As an editor, I’m always looking for someone who has great ideas, who can execute a well researched and well written article, and who follows through on deadlines. Keph offered all this and more — definitely one of my favourite writers to work with!
— Tammy Burns, Writer and Editor | Travel+Escape
Keph’s superior writing abilities translate to her invaluable services as an editor. She is thorough, thoughtful, and objective in her reviews. Keph is easily one of the best editors I’ve ever worked with, and I would not hesitate to use her again.
— Dalene Heck, Co-founder | Hecktic Travels
I really like the feel and flavor of your writing. You take the reader down a path that’s educational and respectful.
— David Badash, Editor | The New Civil Rights Movement
Keph Senett is a writer to watch.
— Heather Parsons, Publishers Representative | Michael Reynolds & Associates

From organizations

Keph is a professional, articulate and personable public speaker who moderated a group panel session of high-brow international panelists at our recent LGBT+ Travel Symposium in Thailand. Well prepared, Keph drew deep insight out of the panel to an audience of 150 engaged delegates and have received fantastic feedback from many that attended on the day. Thank you Keph, for being you and bringing your energy to our symposium.
— Uwern Jong, Editor in Chief | OutThere & Founder, The LGBT+ Travel Symposium
As a member of the Pride House International (PHI) team, Keph has made a number of presentations around the world to diverse audiences seeking to find out more about the issues of homophobia in sport, and the Pride House movement specifically. Keph has also represented PHI across a range of media, including radio and podcasts and makes for a fascinating and insightful interviewee. Keph is able to draw on her personal experiences whilst addressing global political issues, locating the individual at the heart of what are often abstract concepts for her audiences.
— Lou Englefield | Director, Pride House International
Keph’s lecture in Korea has been a great help to the public who have no previous discussion of how LGBTIQ connects with sports. The public has learned why it is important to talk about the human rights of LGBTIQ in sports and it is also possible to understand what PrideHouse is and what it means to be an international sporting event.
— Candy D. Yun | Korean Sexual-Minority Culture and Rights Center
LEAP Sports Scotland developed a formal connection with Keph Senett through her work promoting LGBTIQ+ rights within sport. Some of Keph’s work in recent years has been delivered through the Pride House medium, working with local communities to establish venues and initiatives promoting LGBTIQ+ awareness, rights and issues at major sports events. Keph recognised that there had never been a Pride House during a Homeless World Cup and that there was a need for this to happen, and she pitched a case to the LGBTI community in Scotland via LEAP Sports, that this was both opportunity and necessity. This took into account a particularly high prevalence of LGBTI people in homeless populations, and specific issues for asylum seeking and refugee populations participating in the Cup.

We were impressed by Keph’s passion to make this happen, and enjoyed a fruitful relationship being mentored by her which took us from idea to concept through delivery. We were particularly impressed by her approach to working with local communities as a facilitator and enabler, and also enjoyed some excellent contributions she made as a speaker at events and panel discussions at Pride House when it got off the ground. Much of Keph’s input in the early stages in particular was quite crucial to the process of Pride House becoming a reality.
— Hugh Torrance | Executive Director. LEAP Sports Scotland
I had the opportunity to work with Keph when we were both on the executive for Downtown Soccer Toronto. I was in the role of Commissioner and Keph worked as the communications officer. We were both in the organization in volunteer roles helping run a community based sports league for Gay, Lesbian, Trans, Queer and Queer friendly people.

Keph never treated the role as a volunteer role. It was always something that she looked at with a lot of vigor. There were many discussions that ended up being quite heated, and Keph didn’t back down. It was always important to keep in mind diversity, inclusion and fair-mindedness.
The role of communications was originally quite a simple role, but it was made far more consequential under Keph’s mantle. She created a drive for jerseys that she would package up and send to organizations in underprivileged places abroad. This incredible idea was matched by others in the league as well.

Keph has done a lot of work around the world mostly using sport, football in particular, as a means to help drive change. To me it isn’t surprising that Keph has continued her activism work with other organizations such as Football v Homophobia and Pride House. I am certain she will be a driving force for change for many more years to come.
— Inti Ali | former Commissioner, Downtown Soccer Toronto

From tourism partners

Keph is a great writer to work with. She is a true collaborator and creative story-teller, together we worked on some fresh and ‘off the beaten track’ angles on the city of Glasgow (and Glaswegians) to secure a number of features across a variety of media outlets. Her interview subjects instantly warm to her as she’s well-researched and charming.
— Caroline Newson, CL Communications/International PR consultant | Glasgow City Marketing Bureau
It was such a pleasure working with Keph Senett! She was extremely professional prior to the trip and very enthusiastic to learn more about Brazil. She produced a lot of great coverage after her trip and we would love to work with her again. I highly recommend working with her!
— Joao H. Rodrigues, Account Director | FSB Communications (PR Agency for Visit Brasil)
Keph joined one of our multinational group press trips to Vienna in 2015. It was a pleasure working with her both during her stay as well as before and after the trip. She is a very professional journalist and – which is crucial for good writing – a well-informed, clever and cheerful person.
— Helena Hartlauer, Media Relations Manager (US, UK,Canada, Australia) | Vienna Tourist Board
Keph was our first media visitor of the year, arriving much earlier than our typical tourist gates swing open in May – and my first media visitor in this role! She was a pleasure to work with and up for just about anything in The County – when weather made for a change in plans Keph was flexible and easy to communicate with over new plans. Working with travel writers was new for me and Keph was the perfect first as she gave insight into her experience along the way, was excited about taking on an experience outside our typical tourist season, and brought her mom along. The piece produced by Keph highlighting Prince Edward County visits in late winter/early spring helped to showcase us as a destination for not just Sandbanks in the summer – and encouraged more to visit, and support our local economy year-round.
— Rebecca Lamb, Destination Development & Marketing Coordinator | Prince Edward County
Keph is a very a talented travel writer who is committed to bringing unique details of each place she travels to, backed with an extensive research and planning. I look forward to continue working with Keph in the future and I would highly recommend her.
— Cristina Alvaradejo, PR and Communications Consultant | Mexico Tourism Board
¿Canada, USA, Mexico? There is an existential reality between these countries: the borders that exist between them. In spite of that, with great tenacity and audacity, Keph Senett runs through them and comes to investigative journalism to then write detailed expressions of what she discovers in the realm that belongs to her world of interest. Undoubtedly, Keph sets her focus on human beings, everything good in them and especially in what is related their human rights and freedom of expression.Working in tourism in Mexico City is a pleasure to me but even more so when one comes across people like Keph. I am excited to have met her and to establish an alliance through which she can help us to continue to make Mexico City known for what it already is: the touristic, gastronomical and cultural capital of Latin America.Thank you Keph for seeking us out, thank you for finding us and thank you for writing so many accurate jewels and realities about the innumerable valuable things found in our great capital. We celebrate with you all the high-quality experiences, the building of memories and the genuine friendships that you continue to develop which will remain for decades to come.Thanks again for giving your heart to Mexico City, Keph! You have ours.
— Arturo Gutierrez Gandara Gutierrez, Promotions Director | Mexico Tourism Board
After a successful FAM Tour weekend, Keph not only produced an article that beautifully encompassed the authentic essence of Muskoka, she was genuinely interested in our northern destination and the locals who call it home. Keph was an absolute pleasure to work with and I would have her come back for every tour I host in the future.
— Jennifer Clute, Tourism and Marketing Coordinator | Muskoka Lakes Chamber of Commerce
Keph Senett is a very professional journalist. She doesn’t just report, she gets to the heart of the event and destination. She brings to life the experience for the reader, as if you are there. The Vallarta Pride Steering Committee is happy to continue to work with Keph now and in the future.
— Bill Hevener, Vice-President | Vallarta Pride Committee
Keph is a travel writer who quite simply ‘gets it.’ She has been a pleasure to work with throughout the planning, hosting and follow-up process. And, it’s evident by the content she produced that she not only absorbed the tips and information we provided, but she did extensive research on her own and really got to know the city resulting in some fantastic coverage.
— April Ingle, Communications Coordinator | Positively Cleveland
Just met Keph Senett. Just as funny and inappropriate in person. Awesome.
— Jeff Bartlett, Media and PR Specialist | Tourism Jasper
I will never forget seeing Keph on a snowmobile high up in the mountains when she visited us for Pride! Adventurous, bold and outspoken, that’s Keph!
— Jörg Michel, Director | Jasper Pride Festival Society
I read LOTS of travel writing, and yours is first-rate. You captured the magnitude of your conquest as well as the humour involved, and included just the right amount of relevant information for travellers. Can’t beat that!
— Heather MacDonald-Bossé, Travel Media Representative/Représentante, médias de voyages, | Tourism and Parks/Tourisme et Parcs, Tourism New Brunswick