Areas of Expertise


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Activism, Feminism, LGBT, & Gender

These are my interests in the broadest sense. Almost all of my writing in other "niche" areas is filtered through these lenses, and I'm always looking for interesting ways to tell stories that touch on these topics.


I'm an accidental sportswriter.

I was 36 years old before I ever participated in a sport. Prior to that I'd not only been uninterested, but I also thought (if, indeed, I thought about it at all) that sporting pursuits were for dullards who had not much more to offer. I go on record now admitting I was wrong.  

Everything changed when I joined a queer, co-ed soccer league. I changed. I practiced a new relationship to my own physicality and an understanding of the sacrifices and rewards of being part of a team. As a writer I was delighted to discover that sport has its own language, one independent of a common tongue or culture. Sport was itself the method of communication, making it a tool uniquely suited for art and social justice. In the context of sport, I seek out stories of personal and community growth, of expression and activism. 

Narrative Non-Fiction

I exclusively write non-fiction, but the stories in this category are the most personal and literary. They are what keep me up at night and torture me in tiny ways every day I neglect them.

Content Marketing & Technical Writing

For many years I made a living in 'creative-adjacent' jobs, holding positions in communications departments writing copy, building websites, and producing graphics. More recently, I've delved into the world of content marketing, writing articles, web copy, and e-books for clients in the real estate, financial, and design and decoration industries. 

Travel & Tourism

In my years as a travel writer, I've worked with tourism boards, destination management organizations, individual businesses, and publications to find and deliver fresh, timely stories that approach a sense of place with humanity and depth.

I specialize in stories about sports, arts and culture, food and drink, and LGBT and gender. I'm most fascinated by the people who participate in making a place what it is.

I've worked in partnership with: 

  • Tourism Vienna (Austria)
  • FSB Communications (Brazil)
  • Nelson and Kootenay Lake Tourism (Canada)
  • Muskoka Lakes Tourism (Canada)
  • Stratford Tourism (Canada)
  • Prince Edward County Tourism (Canada)
  • Montreal Tourism (Canada)
  • Destination New Brunswick (Canada)
  • Tourism Jasper (Canada)
  • Jasper Pride Committee (Canada)
  • Mexico Tourism Board (Mexico)
  • Puerto Vallarta Pride Society (Mexico)
  • Glasgow City Marketing Bureau (Scotland)
  • Adventure Centre (Turkey)
  • Positively Cleveland (United States)

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Editing & Research

In addition to writing, I offer editing and research services. I've helped folks with their screenplays, memoirs, e-books, websites, and marketing materials.